Off the Clock Work and Off the Richter Scale Potential Liability
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Thursday, Nov 16th 2017
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm (EST)
1.0 Credits
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Virtually every day you read or hear about another “off the clock” collective action under federal law or class action under state law. Yes, some of these claims are brought against smaller, less sophisticated employers. But many of these claims are brought against Fortune 500 companies and other employers with robust compliance programs. You cannot inoculate yourself but you can minimize your exposure materially. This seminar will concentrate on three (3) primary areas. The first area will be the comprehensive elements of a prevention program to prevent off the clock claims. This includes not only policies and complaint procedures but also attestations as part of your time keeping system to ensure that employees know that they cannot work off the clock and have every opportunity to make a report if they did. The second area will be supervisory training. Most employers spend time and money training supervisors on harassment. Relatively few do on wage and hour issues, where the risks are even greater. This section will focus on the messages supervisors should receive in training, including what they should do if they have actual or constructive knowledge that an employee may have worked off the clock. Finally, this seminar will discuss areas where off the clock work happens or may allege to happen. It will address work done at beginning and end of day to get ready for work or to wrap things up, work done during unpaid breaks, the use of mobile applications, access to and use of your employer’s server, calling customers on cell phones while driving home, doing paper work at home to catch up and more opportunities to be revealed that are making plaintiffs’ lawyers’ rich.

Credits: 1.0 CA CLE; 1.0 PA CLE; 1.2 NJ CLE; 1.0 NY CLE; 1.0 HRCI; 1.0 SHRM

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Delivery Provider Name: Duane Morris Institute

Jonathan A. Segal
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