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The Duane Morris Institute is a resource for HR professionals, benefits administrators, in-house counsel and senior managers to learn and gain insight on employment issues. Courses can be customized and brought on site to you to delve into the specifics facing management and workforces in particular industries. Training can also be focused on issues faced by just certain segments of the audience, such as senior management or HR professionals, or can be made to apply to supervisors and managers in all functions and at all levels of an organization. For more information, contact Jonathan A. Segal at 215.979.1869 or .


Topics that are frequently the subject of Duane Morris Institute training sessions include:

409(a) Compliance – 409A Deferred Compensation Plans: compliance and corrections update

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Disability determinations; reasonable accommodation process; undue hardship defense

Affirmative Action – Applicant identification; applicant flow; good faith efforts

Attendance Problems – Approaches for managing; protected absences; EEO considerations

Background Checks – Reference checks; criminal and credit checks; educational verification

Benefit Plan Administration – Fiduciary duties; HIPAA; common “administrative” mistakes

Business Ethics – Confidentiality; conflicts; compliance

Collective Bargaining Negotiations – Learn best methods to prepare for collective bargaining negotiations

Diversity – Business benefits; conscious and unconscious bias; achieving greater diversity without unlawful discrimination

Documenting Discipline – Communicating performance deficiencies; common documentary mistakes uncovered in litigation

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Essentials – Discrimination/harassment laws; application to employment decisions

Employee v. Independent Contractor – Relevant factors; developing independent contractor agreements

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Covered absences; medical documentation and other employer protections

Immigration – Permanent and temporary hiring of non-US citizens; managing petitions

Interviewing – Behavioral questions; subjective criteria; decision-making; when cultural fit is not legit

Investigations – Practical road map from intake to resolution; legal and practical minefields

Leaves of Absence – FMLA; USERA; state leave laws

Performance Appraisals – Documenting performance; “proxy” adjectives and other EEO danger zones

Protecting Your Business – Confidentiality agreements; non-solicitation agreements; non-compete agreements

Record Retention/Preservation – Record retention requests; “litigation hold” process; preservation of electronically stored information

Secrets of Effective Leadership – Developing the traits of a truly effective leader developed from leaders in business, political and sports worlds

Self-Corrections – Use, Overuse and Self-Abuse – Determine which qualified plan defects should be corrected and under which program

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment – Illegal/inappropriate behaviors; affirmative supervisory responsibilities

Substance Abuse – Detection, referral and testing

Termination Event – What, when and where; severance and other post-termination issues

Union Avoidance – Early detection and rapid response

Wage and Hour: Exempt employees – Exempt responsibilities under federal and state law; salary basis and improper deductions; self-audits

Wage and Hour: Non-Exempt employees – “Time worked” determinations; permissible deductions; calculating regular rate for overtime purposes

WARN and “Baby WARN” – Conducting mass layoffs and plant closings

Workplace Violence – Prevention and reaction